Modbus Gateway

  • The Modbus Gateway provides a communication link between networks that use the Modbus/TCP communication protocol and Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs) resident on an NFN network.

    The NFN network communicates with the Modbus Gateway through a NOTI-FIRE-NET network via the network port on any NCM. The Modbus communication protocol is consistent with Modbus Application Protocol Specification.

    System Features

    • Compatible with standard and high speed NOTI-FIRE-NET.
    • Monitor four compatible NFN or HS-NFN nodes not including the Modbus Gateway node itself.
    • Provide data such as event type, active/inactive, enabled/ disabled, acknowledged/unacknowledged, device type, analog value (4-20ma modules only) and system troubles.
    • Support reads of up to 100 registers at a time. Analog values.
    • Send standard Modbus exception responses.
    • Reduce configuration time by self configuring all nodes and points.

    Typical Applications

    • Manufacturing Facilities
  • UL S635
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    ULC S635
    CSFM 7300-0028:250
    FDNY COA#6047