Receivers Gateway

  • The Receivers Gateway is an intelligent gateway interface to digital alarm communicator receivers (DACR) for the ONYXworks ® facilities monitoring workstation. This gateway facilitates monitoring of all events transmitted by fire alarm and security control panels equipped with digital alarm communicator transmitters (DACT). The Receivers Gateway eliminates the need to add leased lines or Internet connections to many remote buildings and combine various fire alarm control panels onto a single platform.

    This software-based gateway supports a supervised RS-232 interface for digital alarm communicator receivers.

    Perform central monitoring station tasks by combining the Workstation and the Receivers Gateway. The Receivers Gateway is an ideal addition to the ONYXworks® systems integration platform.

    System Features

    • Enables the ONYXworks® workstation to monitor various remote fire and security panels for real-time events.
    • Interfaces to popular central station receivers.
    • Compatible with the Ademco 685, Silent Knight 9500 and 9800, Radionics 6600, and the Teldat Visor Alarm.
    • Uses standard phone lines and digital dialer equipment.
    • Automatic remote site supervision using periodic test messages.
    • Up to 10 DACRs supported with a single gateway interface.
    • Each site has account codes to easily manage graphical icons and events.

    Typical Applications

    • University campuses
    • High rise buildings
    • Hospitals
    • Commercial office parks
  • UL S5526; S6010
    UL online certificate search help
    ULC S5526; S6010
    CSFM 7300-1525:103 (DACR-GW)