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  • ONYX FirstVision™ is a revolutionary wayfinding navigational tool for firefighters and other emergency responders. ONYX FirstVision™, a touch screen, graphically displays critical information on the origin and spread of a fire; allowing firefighters to quickly locate and extinguish the fire. With ONYX FirstVision™, emergency responders can immediately gather the information needed to accurately pinpoint the source of the fire and the rate at which it’s spreading. Crucial information is easy to access with a spatial, graphical depiction of the location of activated detectors and detector sequence of activation for one or multiple buildings.

    System Features

    • 19″ LCD touch-screen.

    • Interfaces to the ONYX® Series panels or NOTI•FIRE•NET (version 5.0 or higher) through the NFN Gateway over Ethernet.
    • Compatible with standard and High Speed NOTI•FIRE•NET™
    • Supports the following additional languages: Arabic, French (Canadian), Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).
    • Supports multiple Gateways for large networks and campuses.

    Typical Applications

    • University campuses
    • High rise buildings
    • School districts
    • Hospitals
    • Commercial office parks
  • UL UOJZ.S5697
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    ULC S5697
    CSFM 7300-1525:0103
    MEA 286-07-E
    FDNY COA#6070