ONYXWorks Lite

  • ONYXWorks® Lite is the next generation in life safety and building systems integration for monitoring fire over a proprietary network. The ONYXWorks Lite system is designed to provide clear and precise annunciation of life safety and other building system events.

    The ONYXWorks Lite software is a high-performance color graphic system capable of displaying all network events and points. The workstation uses Microsoft® Windows® XP, providing an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The operator is presented with a consistent look and operation for all monitored equipment. The ONYXWorks Lite software has the ability to monitor up to four Notifier Fire Alarm Control Panels and is an ideal addition to the NOTI•FIRE•NETTM network when network monitoring and control are required.

    System Features

    • Supported NOTIFIER Equipment (4 nodes maximum):
      • NFS-320
      • NFS2-640
      • NFS2-3030
      • Notifier 8th edition Fire Alarm Control Panels
      • Notifier legacy panels.
    • Operates under Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 (Service Pack 2).
    • Supports the following additional languages:
      • Korean
      • Portuguese
      • French
      • Spanish
      • Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)