Notifier 防火警鐘週邊設備 | Notifier 防火警鐘週邊設備 | Notifier Fire Alarm Peripheral Devices

Peripheral Type Learn More
1451 2-Wire and 4-Wire Ionization Smoke Detector Conventional Devices DN_1154
302 Series Rate-Anticipation Heat Detectors Conventional Devices DN_1271
30-2021-24 & 30-2021E-24 Ultraviolet Flame Detectors Conventional Devices DN_1253
30-2056B Conventional Devices DN_5517
5451 Thermal Detector 135° Fixed-Temperature and Rate -of-Rise Conventional Devices DN_4760
5600 Series Conventional Devices DN_6931
AS and AH Series Notification Appliances DN_5566
B401BH and B401BHA Conventional Bases with Sounder Conventional Devices DN_4786
BEAM1224(S) Conventional Devices DN_6975
BNG & BRG Series Manual Fire Alarm Stations Conventional Devices DN_0065
E Series Notification Appliances DN_5741
ET Series Low-Profile Speaker and Speaker Strobes Notification Appliances DN_2225
FAAST™ Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology CMDS00101
FAPT-851 Intelligent Devices DN_6937
FCM and FRM Series Modules Intelligent Devices DN_6724
FCO-851 Intelligent Devices DN_60689
FD Series Single UV Conventional Devices FD-Series-Single-UV
FD Series Triple IR Conventional Devices FD-Series-Triple-IR
FD Series UV/IR Flame Detector Conventional Devices FD-Series-UV-IR
FMM and FZM Series Modules Intelligent Devices DN_6720
FSB-200(A)/-200S(A) Intelligent Devices DN_6985
FSC-851 IntelliQuad – Advanced Multi-Criteria Detector with four unique sensing elements Intelligent Devices DN_60412
FSI-851 Intelligent Devices DN_6934
FSL-751 VIEW® Intelligent Devices DN_6886
FSP-851/FSP-851T/FSP-851R Intelligent Devices DN_6935
FST-851 Series Intelligent Devices DN_6936
FTM-1(A) Intelligent Devices DN_6989
I3 Series Conventional Devices DN_6885
ISO-X Intelligent Devices DN_7068
MPS-950 Series Conventional Devices DN_5497
N100-ISO Intelligent Devices DN_6994
NBG-12 Series Conventional Devices DN_6643
NBG-12LX Intelligent Devices DN_6726
NBG-23LR(A) Conventional Devices DN_6840
NC-100(R) Intelligent Devices DN_7000
ND-100R FireWarden Peripherals DN_7006
NFM-950B/KB Conventional Devices DN_5895
NH-100 Intelligent Devices DN_6997
NI-100(A) Intelligent Devices DN_6996
NMM/NZM/NDM-100(P) Intelligent Devices DN_6999
NOT-BG12LX Intelligent Devices DN_7001
NP-100(T)(A) Intelligent Devices DN_6995
PIBV2 and PIBV2A Post Indicator/Butterfly Valve Supervisory Switches Conventional Devices DN_1785
Series CH Chimes and Chime Strobes Notification Appliances DN_3468
Series MT Multitone Electronic Appliances Notification Appliances DN_4855
SpectrAlert Advance CHR, CHW Chimes and CHSR, CHSW Chime/Strobes Notification Appliances DN_60029
SpectrAlert Advance Field-Selectable Mass Notification Devices Notification Appliances DN_60517
SpectrAlert Advance Indoor Selectable Output Speaker Strobes and Dual Voltage Evacuation Speakers Notification Appliances DN_60327
SpectrAlert Advance Mini-Horns MHR/MHW Notification Appliances DN_60341
SpectrAlert Advance Outdoor Selectable Output Speaker Strobes and Dual Voltage Evacuation Speakers Notification Appliances DN_60323
SpectrAlert Advance Selectable Output Chimes and Chime Strobes Notification Appliances DN_7089
SpectrAlert Advance Selectable Output Notification Appliances Notification Appliances DN_7087
Wheelock NS Series Horn Strobes and NH Series Horns Notification Appliances DN_6601
XP10-M 10 Input Monitor Module Intelligent Devices DN_6923