Notifier 防火系統配件 | Notifier 防火系統配件 | Notifier Fire System Accessories

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ACS Series Annunciators ACM/AEM-16AT, ACM/AEM-32A DN_0524
LDM Lamp Driver Modules DN_0551
LCD-80 Liquid Crystal Display DN_3198
UZC-256 Universal Zone Coder Software Release 2.0 DN_3404
ACM-8R Relay Module DN_3558
UDACT Universal Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter DN_4867
APS-6R Auxiliary Power Supply DN_5952
ACPS-610 Addressable Charger/Power Supply DN_60244
CHG-120 Battery Charger DN_6040
IPDACT-2/2UD – FireWatch™ IP Series: New IP Fire Alarm Communicator DN_60408
APS2-6R 6.0 Amp Auxiliary Power Supply DN_60410
RP-2002C – Agent Release Control Panel DN_60444
LCD2-80 Liquid Crystal Display DN_60548
IPGSM-COM IP Internet and Digital Cellular Fire-Communicator DN_60656
RA400Z & RA400ZA Remote Annunciators DN_6091
411 Series Slave Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitters DN_6619
RM-1 Series Remote Microphone DN_6728
411UDAC Fire Alarm Communicator DN_6746
FDU-80 80-Character LCD Fire Annunciator DN_6820
ONYX Series ACS Series Annunciators – ACM/AEM-24AT, ACM/AEM-48A DN_6862
DPI-232 DN_6870
AMPS-24 Power Supply DN_6883
FCPS-24S6 and FCPS-24S8 6-Amp and 8-Amp 24-Volt Remote Power Supplies DN_6927
BAT Series Batteries Sealed Lead-Acid or Gell Cell DN_6933
LCD-160 – Liquid Crystal Display DN_6940
Multi-Voltage Conventional Relays DN_7017
NCA-2 Network Control Annunciator DN_7047
ONYX FirstVision™ Interactive Firefighters’ Display DN_7051
N-ANN-80 80-Character LCD Serial Annunciator DN_7114